SOAR Natick, Inc.

is a 501c3 non-profit organization


SOAR Natick Grants & Scholarships

The disease of addiction often robs individuals of the financial resources to afford the support services they need. Grants for 2024 are now available.  We are thrilled to have provided financial assistance to many individuals working on their recovery.


SOAR Natick awards scholarships to graduating Natick High Seniors whose lives have been personally impacted by Substance Use Disorder and/or who plan to pursue the education, prevention, and treatment of addiction or a related field.

Experiences related to opioid use and demonstrated financial need will be key considerations in the awarding of these scholarships.

Applications, timing, and due dates are announced by the Guidance Office at Natick High School each school year.


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SOAR Natick recognizes professional support, educational opportunities and assistance with unexpected expenses as an integral part in the recovery process.

The disease of addiction often robs individuals of financial resources to afford the support services they need.  SOAR Natick offers grants to those in active recovery to pay for life's necessities (such as rent, insurance, medical expenses, legal related fees, etc.) in an effort to facilitate these efforts.

Preference is given to candidates with a connection to the Natick community – live/lived in Natick; has/had family in Natick; work/worked in Natick, attend/attended school in Natick.  At a minimum, individuals must currently reside in the MetroWest area.

Our application process is quite simple.

1. Submit a Letter of Intention with the following information:

    What are your needs?

    What are the anticipated costs?

    How do you envision this helping you attain sobriety?

    Describe your connection to the Natick community

2. Letter of Recommendation:

    Provide SOAR Natick with a written recommendation that supports your intentions to reach recovery with the help of these services.  

Submit the requested information to us by email at

SOAR Natick will respond with a decision as quickly as possible, normally within one week.  SOAR will keep you alerted during the review process by email or through a trusted support person.

Funds will be distributed directly to the service provider and cannot be given to the individual applicant.